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  • Mutant Tizona Frame and Bars
  • We The People Hilt Grip
  • Shadow Ravager Pedal
  • United Valentino Pedals
  • Vocal Shoot Da Bs V2 Gyro

BMX Parts - Bars

US Apes Bar
Fbm BMX US Apes Bar

FBM US Apes 9" bar.
CRMO Price From: £64.99

Sm Fu-Bar

Charlie Crumlish's signature S&M handlebar.
CRMO Price From: £64.99
RRP: £74.99  You Save: £10.00 (13%)

CK Bars
Premium BMX CK Bars

Chad Kerley's Premium BMX signature bar.
CRMO Price From: £69.99

Team Bars
Fiend BMX Team Bars

New Lightweight Bar From Fiend BMX.
CRMO Price From: £69.99

Martinez Bars
United BMX Martinez Bars

Corey Martinez keeps it sensible with the modest of specifications on his new United BMX bar.
CRMO Price From: £59.99
RRP: £64.99  You Save: £5.00 (8%)

G-Slat Bars
United BMX G-Slat Bars

Geoff Slattery's first signature bar from United BMX.
CRMO Price From: £59.99
RRP: £64.99  You Save: £5.00 (8%)

Rigal XL Bars
United BMX Rigal XL Bars

Christian Rigal's 2nd pair signature bars from United BMX .
CRMO Price From: £59.99
RRP: £64.99  You Save: £5.00 (8%)

Mothership XXL Bars
United BMX Mothership XXL Bars

Nathan Williams 3rd signature bars from United BMX
CRMO Price From: £59.99
RRP: £64.99  You Save: £5.00 (8%)

Emergency Bars
Alone BMX Emergency Bars

Alone bars with a 9.99" Rise
CRMO Price From: £49.99
RRP: £59.99  You Save: £10.00 (17%)

Killabee Bars
Total BMX Killabee Bars

Kyle Baldock's signature Killabee Total BMX Bar.
CRMO Price From: £59.99

Hangover Bars
Total BMX Hangover Bars

Alex Coleborn's signature Hangover Total BMX Bar .
CRMO Price From: £59.99

Sterling Bar
We The People BMX Sterling Bar

Pete Sawyer signature bar from WeThePeople.
CRMO Price From: £54.99

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